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I was diagnosed at the age of 35 with a rare Ovarian Germ Cell Cancer. I am one of the lucky ones. My Cancer was detected and treated successfully. However, many are not as lucky and there seems to be an embarrasment factor amongst young men and women who won't seek medical attention. Also, passing off symptoms as "just one of those things" or "it will sort itself out" Team RCT want to raise awareness and empower young people to know their bodies!  Thanks, Sara

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This challenge is a 4 week Virtual Fitness Buddy Challenge. Each member of the team will donate to take part. We will be part of an online community where we will all support eachother by motivating all team members in carrying out their individual activity, be it walking, pushing a pram, swimming, running, cycling.

Sara's TeamRCT will try and collectively log as many minutes of exercise in 4 weeks as possible. This is the first of many of these events. We will be setting the bar for future challenges to beat!

This challenge will start at 0600 hours on Friday 8th March and close at 2100 hours on Friday 5th April.

There will be a certificate for participants and the chance to win medals and a Prize Hamper for the most minutes of exercise completed!

Team Members should feel free to share this link if you would like your family and friends to Sponsor your efforts!


The Robin Cancer Trust is the UK's only dedicated germ cell cancer awareness charity. Our aim is to educate young men and women of the signs & symptoms of testicular & ovarian cancers, through our life-saving awareness campaigns at events, in print and online. Join #TeamRCT and together we can raise awareness, reduce embarrassment & save lives through the early detection of this rare form of cancer.

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